Monday, October 1, 2018

💗🌟💗 New Release 💗🌟💗
Tap Out by Hilary Storm, Author

He’s a force of nature. An accidental meeting at a time when I least expect it, sparking an instant connection that neither of us could deny. Mavick has what it takes to ruin me... to shatter my heart into a million pieces and never look back.

She’s a distraction. I’m supposed to be focused on my comeback, but when I meet Kinsley there’s no denying my attraction to her. I could remind myself how important it is to remove anything that consumes my time. I could look the other way and deny how my body reacts to her. But something tells me I’m not in control when it comes to this girl.

This is the extended full version of the short story, Tap Out, which was showcased in the Pick Your Passion collection.

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