Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sin With Me by Lacey Silks

New Release

Sin With Me by Lacey Silks
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Lies are necessary, mistakes are fatal, and sins unforgivable.

He’s a priest.
I repeat those words daily, hoping they’ll erase the picture of a perfect man from my mind. I don’t want to look at him intimately, but I can’t stop. Could any woman? I’ve seen the way they ogle him, and I’ve heard the whispers in town; the ones about committing the unforgivable sin with the new addition to our parish.

Living in Pace was supposed to be easy, and it was – until I began seeing Father Cameron as more than a clergyman. Kind, quiet, and determined, he was the perfect distraction to my troubled past.

Now that my body wants him, the pull is even stronger. I keep praying for a resolution to my feelings, but it’s not helping. My mind is clouded, and I fear my past is catching up to me.

Wanting him is constant, needing him is intoxicating, and resisting him is impossible. After all, forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.

Except when it’s poisoned…

From the Author: This romantic suspense novel is intended for mature audience only. The forbidden love will test your limits. While Sin With Me can be read as a stand-alone novel, the author recommends to read it after reading Run With Me (prequel).
While the story contains a HEA for the couple, it also contains a cliffhanger. Includes a complimentary novel.

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Previously released in the series:

Run With Me
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What do you learn when you're on the run?

Timing is everything.
Coincidences are more reliable than a rising sun.
And my heart can bear a thousand more nails than my coffin.

Ben's family murdered my parents and so I took my revenge. I changed the course of our futures with one flick of a matchstick.
I run to survive. I run to protect those I love. I run so that my daughter doesn't have to.
With danger lurking over my shoulder, trusting strangers is dangerous until you don't have a choice. Barely alive, I placed my life in the hands of the handsome and mysterious bounty hunter Xavier Black.
He gave me everything and asked for nothing. He helped me live again; but now, he's the one who needs to run with me.
We can each choose to stop the hunt, but if one of us chooses wrong, that extra nail won't be driven into our hearts but straight into our coffins.

Warning: Contains subject matter that may be considered sensitive to some readers (triggers). Intended for mature audience only. While Run With Me is a full complete novel with HEA ending for the couple, it does contain a cliffhanger. Contains one bonus novel.
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