Monday, July 24, 2017

~ REVIEW ~ Wasted by MJ Fields

My rating: 5 🌟's

Wasted (Steel Country, #3)Grayson 'Gray' Falcon has natural, raw talent when it comes to music, namely singing and his guitar. He's sexy, playful and oh so demanding.

Mandee is a quiet girl merely existing and not living from a past full of pain and heartache. She doesn't want pity for her past. What she wants for both her and her dad is to have them top existing and begin to live again!

Both Mandee and Gray are trying to please others and are more concerned with others' happiness before their own. They find themselves doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons.

I will never have bacon for breakfast again without thinking of #baconandblowjobs. Nor will I ever look at red velvet cake the same way ever again!

MJ Fields has an uncanny ability to personify her characters in such a
way that makes me feel as though we've been friends for a lifetime.

Once again little Brand stole the show even though his presence in the story is very short and right at the end, his character is larger than life and is needing his story told!

Gage's take on boners to Gray was adorable. It is so easy to picture this seen and so many others so though they're happening before your very eyes.

I was really touched when both Gray and Mandee took the time to give advice to a young girl about boys and the high expectations that she should have of both herself and him!

In the end MJ always seems to give me, as both a reader and a human being, the hope for a better tomorrow. The realization that love can find a way and the knowledge that our pasts do not define us. Everyone deserves to love and to be loved!

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