Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Hammered by MJ Fields

I'm ready to get nailed by #GageFalcon .. it's #TimetogetHammered!

HammeredGage Falcon is sexy as fuck, dirty talker extraordinaire - yes please I'll have some of that! He easily broke into my top five naughty book boyfriends! H.O.T. DAYUM #takeit #tellme #stay #yougood?
He's so demanding. He's a straight shooter, calling it like it sees it & wants it back on an equal exchange.

Phoenix Star is feisty, never backing down and ready to take on the world. She keeps Gage on his toes for sure. #dontfightthefall

Both Phoenix & Gage have so much in common - both are protectors and fixers, putting others before themselves - selfless!

Gage has heartache, pain & loss everywhere he turns, but the Men of Steel have his back & I thoroughly enjoyed their brief parts in this story. Any day you can read #MOS is not just a good day, but a great one!

There were times when I wanted to throat punch Gail Falcon & Juliana. My heart hurt for Gage & Brand and all that they've been forced to endure.

I loved Mags and all that she did and said. She can be full of piss and vinegar but she loves hard and lives to love. She's a peacemaker. She's cherished by everyone who crosses her path, well except maybe the nurses LOL!

While MJ touched on the brothers of Gage Falcon, Garrett & Grayson, we're sure to find out more in her future releases.
Destroyed (Garrett's story) is releasing May 29, 2017
Wasted (Grayson's story) is releasing June 26, 2017

Some many characters were involved in this book, but each one is introduced in what appears to be a seemingly effortless flow, and you don't feel overwhelmed with them all, but feel as though your family just got a little bigger and there's always room for more .. and with MJ, she always gives you more!!

I floved the foreplay while learning to drive stick shift and the storm scene was epic. And don't get me started with the beard riding and the table when Phoenix's head was hanging off .. gah .. fucking H.O.T!!!

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