Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review: Use Me: Kid's Story by MJ Fields & Chelsea Camaron

Use Me: Kid's StoryNeed and want combine for an EPIC explosion! B.A.M

Tatum Longley - a fiction writer forced to write romance or #mommyporn. She needs a muse.

Michelangelo 'Kid' Mazzini - co-owner of Legacy gym with Jagger. He's caring, giving, loyal and a protector through and through. He's also very demanding and straight to the point- O.M.G.!

"You want me to ask for coffee? Or you just wanna get right down to it?"

"Take off your pants and underwear, Tatum. I wanna lick your pussy." Oh God. My knees shake from his words. "Now, or I'll rip them off."

He's a #hornyhunkofaman with #perpetualwood

Sometimes living in fiction, a fantasy world, allows you to escape the reality of your life .. in it you can find happiness and what you feel life can't or won't give you - what you don't deserve; which in a sense allows you to be yourself, let your walls down and let others in.

I could relate to the Tatum's character in so many ways. And who wouldn't want a muse like Kid - O.M.G. H.O.T!

Tissues were consumed and the box was emptied. At one point I questioned how many goodbyes, we as readers, must endure. Ladies you were killing me with the feels on this one!

And then in typical #MJCC fashion, they wrapped it up with a HEA and transitioned quite nicely into the the next story in the series - giving us flash insights - just enough to tease and let us wanting more - Buck's story is coming June, 2017 and I can not wait!

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