Thursday, March 30, 2017

Review: Playin' Dirty

My rating: 5 🌟's

Playin' Dirty by Paige Steele

Playin' DirtyOnce again, Paige has given us a little flirty, a little dirty and a whole lot of love!
I loved the playful banter between Maddie and Jessie (especially when they played pool). The bets they make keep their relationship fresh, fun and flirty. The push and pull of their relationship makes it intense, while their mutual attraction is magnetic.
There were moments when I couldn't stop laughing and others when the tears were flowing. It's a true testament to the writing set before me when I feel everything right along with the characters.
The dirty friends crew, (Cooper, Ansley, baby Ryder, Ryan, Kenna, Jessie, Maddie, Josie, Adam, Cole & Trey) have a bond that binds them together as their own family unit. Sometimes the 'family' we choose can be just as important if not more so simply because we've picked them to be apart of our lives.
The knowledge of the sport shines through with the descriptions of all things pertaining to the racing scene from the interactions of the mechanic and rider, the training and even the fans.
To say I've fallen in love with this group of friends is an understatement. I'm invested in their lives and can't wait to see who we will get more of in the next book. I'm a #dirtyfriendforlife!

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