Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review: This is Reckless

This is Reckless by Kennedy Fox
My rating: 5 of 5 🌟's

This is RecklessThis is a friends to lovers book. When you are friends, you can speak your mind, right?! And Courtney does just that.
Drew and Courtney's attraction was clear to Courtney, but Drew relegated Courtney into the friend zone because he was spoken for by none other than Mia f&cking Montgomery. And let's face it, Drew is an honorable guy who is already in a relationship (sort of - it's rocky at best or rather on-again-off-again might better describe it).
But it only takes one incident, one encounter, one mishap to completely turn the tide .. all bets are off and things are about to go down. What was once a friendship could be more or has that one moment in time ruined everything for Drew and Courtney.
Drew is a man who struggles with doing the right thing, knowing he wants a future with the woman he loves and holding on to something or someone for all the wrong reasons. To me his character was somewhat of a Jekyll and Hyde - when he's on duty, he's hard, rough, tough and too the point, but when it comes to romance he's soft, considerate and somewhat of a pushover when it comes to Mia. He let's Mia lead him around on a leash but to him it's for all the right reasons - he's sees it perhaps as fighting for their love to stay strong, but others see it has him being led around by a selfish conniving manipulative woman.
Courtney is my kind of woman - not afraid to speak her mind and willing to spread her wings and fly. She is kind and considerate - sharing her baked goods with others - because when you bake when you are stressed and you tend to be stressed A LOT, there tends to be A LOT of baked goods to share. She's fallen for her best friend (which is no longer Viola, but now Drew - just to clarify if you've read the first duet). While she remains friends and is very close with Viola, Viola is caught up in her new life and the close proximity of living with Drew has drawn them closer.
Just when you think they could be forming their own HEA, the end of this book may go down as one of the all-time WTF moments. When I stated earlier that things were about to go down you have no idea how true that was and what ALL the ramifications to that can be. And clearly neither do I since I was left with the mother of all cliffhangers and will wait impatiently for the conclusion to Drew and Courtney's story!

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