Friday, February 3, 2017

Review: Clickbait


Witty banter with chemistry that nearly melted my Kindle - a MUST read for sure!

ClickbaitI thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down. It's a definite MUST read and will be put on my re-read list for sure.

I wanted to fist bump Courtney yet throttle her all at the same time. I could totally relate to her as an independent business person, needing to focus on her career and struggling with when to allow herself to come before the demands of her job.

Carter, at times was no better. Realizing that people in today's society even contemplate using others for their own personal gain - be it for business or pleasure - is just sad.

The pace of the book quickened at times and slowed at others - making me feel as though it was a reflection of how my own emotions and life events would play out if I personally experienced what they did.

So many things with Courtney's character just hit real close to home for me - like reading into texts received from others - trying to analyze their "tone" threw words on a screen. And hiding who you really are from family and friends for fear of them not accepting you.

The banter between Carter and Courtney was witty and their chemistry nearly melted by Kindle. That first kiss was charged with electricity and the voltage could be felt long after. The restaurant scene was H.O.T. - and the alley sex - scorching!

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