Tuesday, February 28, 2017

An orgasmic, explosive beginning to the coming together of Jude and Vivian.

Assumptions and judgements are not only made, but vocalized too. Hurt and devastation far outweighs the night of passion and pleasuring.

Not only does physical healing have to occur but emotional healing and forgiveness must also take place if anyone can move on from the wrongs of the past.

I loved Jude's character. Not only was he a master of pleasure but he was thoughtful and caring yet rough  around the edges - who knew what he wanted and he wasn't afraid to go after it or her! He's nerdy yet undeniably sexy. Dear lord the dirty talking that this man can do! A tough guy with a princess in training dog. I just adored reading about Apple.

Vivian's an independent strong woman. She's a fighter through-and-through. She's a girl after my own heart - she's not afraid of staking her claim with absolutely no shame at all. She is all heart and puts others above herself time and time again without reservation.I'm in awe of her.
O.M.G #Imwavingmywhiteshirt



#blowjobsandbullets  - unbelievably H.O.T!

There was a true connection with Jude's family as protectors as well. I really felt that from his dad, when he was ready to bring his shotgun into action. There's nothing like a father's protective spirit .. ready to keep his family safe.

Tyson's heartache and turmoil from his past is introduced and yet we still don't know the reasons for his pain and suffering.  Kathy Coopmans has a way of seamlessly interconnecting her characters so you really don't know where one's story begins and the other ends. They just simply intermingle, co-exist. I'm so ready to find out the secrets of the past and see what the future holds for him.

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