Monday, December 5, 2016

~ Review ~ Riddick by Kathy Coopmans

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Riddick by Kathy Coopmans

Riddick Murdock – rugged, tough, ex-military, bada$$ cop, yet sentimental and emotional about his love – or lost love. Hands and body that could snap someone like a twig, yet a heart of gold and tender hands to hold his true love.  


Cora – a strong woman who has had to fight through life for not only herself, but her son too. She lives her life looking over her shoulder, yet trying to raise Ethan to the young boy that any mother would be proud of.

What happens when your past is no longer your past? Will all the hurt, pain and loss resurface? Will your life be rocked yet again? Can you right a wrong after all this time? Will guilt consume you? These are all questions that the characters find themselves facing as their story unfolds.

This book had mystery, murder, suspense and intrigue and was able to grab me from the first page and had me on the edge of my seat waiting with my breath held at times wondering if true love would prevail or would the heartache only worsen.

I embraced the characters in this book and find myself desperate for more. As the main characters, Riddick and Cora’s story truly transcends time. Yet as I was enthralled with their story, Kathy Coopmans was also able to draw me to Riddick’s friends – Jude and Tyson – and I can’t wait for their stories to be told! 

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