Wednesday, October 5, 2016

~ Review ~ Empire by Kathy Coopmans


by Kathy Coopmans
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book had me on edge waiting to see what would happen to whom and why. There was suspense, mystery, crime, death, love, family, loyalty & betrayal, just to name a few.

Sacrifices are made to protect the ones they love. I loved that Kathy Coopmans portrayed the emotional roller coasters that exist in family dynamics from understanding that loved ones are doing what needs to be done yet struggling with it at the same time.

I especially loved how she depicted Calla's story in this book. To me it was a comparison to every working woman who tries to find a balance that both she and her family can live with and thrive with a fierceness and sense of independence that she deserves to show while still being a woman, wife & mother - wanting and needing tenderness without being accused of being weak!

The previous books in this series had a couple that was the main characters of the story. But this book was like a smorgasbord of hotness - especially Roan and Cain - O.M.G. I loved their dominant dirty talking ways.

Favorite H.O.T. quotes:
"Damn baby. You want it, then get that mouth back over my dick."
"Nah. But, if you don't take him all the way in, I'll tie you down, spank your ass and finger fuck you over and over until you're ready to come. Thing is, I won't let you come."
"As much as I love her mouth, I love her pussy more, and my dick needs to be inside of her right the fuck now."
"We're fucking wildly with our bodies while making love with our minds."

This series had me captivated to the very end. I fell in love with the characters with all their flaws and imperfections that made them unique in their own right. Kudos to Kathy Coopmans for this amazing series where even the bad guys deserve to find love and will fight with all that they are to keep their love alive!

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