Monday, August 22, 2016

~ Review ~ Filthy by HJ Bellus
5 ๐ŸŒŸ's

Heat, seduction, panty-melting sex.
Giggles, LOL moments and plain out ROTFLMAO moments.
Serious, sad and tearful moments too.

Murder, intrigue, suspense, sex, doubt (in themselves, each other and life in general), secrets, betrayals,misunderstandings, sex, pasts, politics, death and abuse - this book has all this and more! Did I mention the sex?! HOT HOT HOT

I loved the sharing of truths that Rhett and Darby did to learn more about each other. Rhett's tale of Costco had me laughing so hard. #shithappens

Darby is fierce and strong. Rhett is sexy and somewhat conceited yet it comes off more confident than anything else. He uses humor to deflect pain, reality and heartache. He has an insatiable appetite .. both for food and Darby! Their banter is playful, sexy and humorous.

Two broken souls skating through life. They've built walls to protect themselves from being hurt again. But sometimes the force of another can't be denied.

One of my favorite quotes from Rhett:
"Daily dose of Darby does a dick good."

One of my favorite quotes from Darby:
"... Rhett I can't teach my heart to unlove you. I'll never unlove you."

HJ Bellus takes humor from everyday life and interjects strong characters that make you fall in love with them and her stories! Filthy is simply an amazing story about the paths of Rhett and Darby and how everything they've endured in the past leads them to each other.

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